In accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of May 25th 2018, our Data Protection Policy explains how POWERSEM GmbH manages the use of personal data, such as name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. This personal information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and shall always be in line with the GDPR as well as with the country-specific data protection regulations applicable to POWERSEM GmbH.


Powersem GmbH
Walpersdorf Str. 53
91126 Schwabach, Germany
Tel.: 0049 9122 9764-0
Website:  www.powersem.net

For questions regarding privacy and data protection, please contact us at mailto:info@powersem.de


The use of POWERSEM GmbH’s website is possible without any indication of personal data.
However, if you submit your personal data or enquiry of any product or service via the contact form on our homepage or by e-mail, you automatically agree to our Data Protection Policy, as well as to POWERSEM GmbH processing your personal data and using electronic communication channels to send information to you.
Your data will be forwarded to our provider by e-mail, and immediately deleted or blocked after all enquiries have been adequately dealt with, provided there are no statutory storage requirements as imposed by the GDPR.
The use for another purpose or a data transfer to third parties does not take place, unless required to do so by law. Another exception might be to share information with third parties such as suppliers, subcontractors, authorized distributors and resellers to be able to execute any commitments to the fullest satisfaction of the interested party. However, POWERSEM GmbH will not do so without the interested party’s explicit consent, and at the same time taking all reasonable legal and technical actions to warrant safe and secure handling of such personal data.


You have the right to revoke at any time your consent of processing your personal data.

Other rights include:

• Right to access your data by requesting a copy of your personal data stored with POWERSEM GmbH
• Right to rectify inaccurate or incomplete personal data
• Right to delete your personal data if no longer necessary or applicable

However, personal data may need to be stored for the following reasons:

• Contractual provisions with the interested party until fulfillment of contract • Legal, accounting and tax obligations.

In these cases, personal data will be blocked rather than deleted.

If any of the aforementioned rights apply, you may contact POWERSEM GmbH any time.
An informal message by e-mail will suffice.


All personal data is protected against unauthorized access by the latest security technologies.
However, one cannot rule out that unencrypted disclosed data can be viewed by third parties. Therefore, no secure transmission can be ensured with respect to data transmission over the Internet (for example, when communicating by e-mail). Sensitive data should therefore either not be transmitted at all or only transmitted via a secure connection (SSL).
POWERSEM GmbH will at all times take reasonable legal and technical actions to warrant safe and secure handling of such personal data.
If POWERSM GmbH changes its privacy policy, it will post any modifications on its webpage so that you know at all times what data is registered, how it is used and under what conditions it is disclosed.


Like many other websites, POWERSEM GmbH uses COOKIES to provide a user-friendly online experience. Cookies are small text files that are transferred from a website server to your hard drive to store personal information, such as the access time, the location from which the access was made, i.e. the user’s IP address, frequency of the user’s website visits, and so forth.
Your browser or device usually allows you to change the settings for the usage of cookies. For example, you can choose to block all cookies, accept only certain types of cookies, or delete them when you close your browser. However, please note that with the deactivation of cookies, certain features of our website might not work.
As a responsible company, POWERSEM GmbH values our customers’ and web users’ privacy and will not use profiling, nor will personal information be sold to third parties.